30 Days of Grace

What Is Grace Anyway?

We sing in church about how God’s grace is amazing, but why? What does grace really mean? Even people (like myself) who have grown up in church often fail to really understand what God’s grace really is. This is sad because grace is a powerful thing.

When We Don’t Understand Grace, It Affects Every Aspect of Our Life

Are there things you can’t forgive yourself for? Do you think you’ve done things that God can’t forgive? Have you ever thought that your wrong actions have ruined some aspect of your life? Do you try to be “good” so that God will give you good things? Have you ever felt jealous or bitter than someone who is not as “good” as you has gotten something that you wanted? Do you every judge other people for their actions or beliefs? Is it hard for you to think about working with other Christians that believe differently from you?


All of these things have described me at various points in my life. Even though I grew up in church, it wasn’t until my early twenties that I really realized what grace really is and what it means for the Christian life. Through a combination of real life experience, study of Scripture, and theological education, I developed a better understanding of what God’s grace really is and how it should affect my life. I want to share that with you.

That’s Why I’ve Written 30 Days of Grace

30 Days of Grace is a five week devotional journey. Every week we’ll dive deeply into a Scripture passage that tells us something unique about God’s grace. While we’ll look at the same passage every day that week, each day has it’s own unique focus. Over the course of the week, we’ll go from making general observations about the passage to figuring out a real life application. At the end of five weeks, you will:

  • Know the definition of grace and how grace differs from mercy
  • Be able to accept God’s grace in your life, no matter where you’ve come from or what you’ve done
  • Overcome bitterness and jealousy towards those who have gotten good things you don’t think they “deserve”
  • Ask God for help in overcoming persistent sin
  • Recognize that grace is a perpetual gift, not a one time thing
  • Learn that grace allows Christians to still get along, even if they believe or act differently
  • Discover how to show grace to others in real, applicable ways
  • Develop a process for finding God’s grace even in the midst of hard circumstances
  • Learn a process for deeply studying and applying Scripture
  • Have a better understanding of what God’s grace means for your life

Do It On Your Own or In a Small Group

30 Days of Grace can be done on your own or you can do it together with a small group. When you order, you will also receive a copy of the small group discussion questions. For each week in the book there are a handful of questions specifically geared towards what you’ve been learning that week. These questions are written to help you  continue to learn from one another.

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