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Singleness Is Temporary, but the Family of God is Forever

Family holiday events when you’re single can be hard. I still remember the feelings I had at Thanksgiving and Christmas as I watched my cousins bring their significant others to family events, even the ones that were quite a bit younger than me. I felt so behind and a bit like a loser. I’m not saying anyone ever set out …

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Foolishness Is Not the Same as Sin

My last blog post was all about things that unmarried people shouldn’t do, mainly because they’re acting like they’re married when they aren’t. I tried to point out that the things in themselves weren’t sinful (though they could lead to sin), but instead they were unwise. I’d like to elaborate on that a little bit more because I think we …

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What Sabbath Teaches Us About Singleness (And Other Unmet Desires)

This week for my Six Week Spiritual Growth Journey that I’m doing on Facebook, I talked about Sabbath. In thinking about the benefits of Sabbath, I realized that Sabbath teaches us the very thing that I struggled with most when I was single. It’s something we all often struggle with when we have unmet desires:  there’s only so much we …

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Why Does God Care Who You Sleep With?

A Theology of Sex, Part 1 As Christians, we often have a stigma attached to us: we’re too uptight about sex. The world has moved on to a place where the old constraints no longer matter, with few exceptions (people generally are still against bestiality, incest, and pedophilia).Yet Christians, or at least the conservative, old school ones, still argue against …

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